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L'Arcada Sports Camps 

We would love for you to attend the most unusual sports camps in Spain

 Here is what makes us different:

1. You can play with and against American players your own age

2. You can be coached by experienced American coaches from high schools and universities.

3. You can practice your English while you practice your sport because the entire camp will be in English (with many bilinguals to help)

4. You can share your culture with North Americans

5. Each camp will have a morning sports session, supervised fun activities of the camp in the afternoon, and an evening sports session.

It will be an unforgettable experience.

Basketball Camp

Girls and Boys Basketball (camp will be divided into age appropriate groups y girls and boys will be seperate).

 Volleyball Camp

Girls Volleyball (camp will be divided into age appropriate groups). 

 American Football Camp

Boys Tackle Football

In football there will be coaches with NFL playing experience 

 Será una inolvidable experiencia