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What's up?

Interested in learning English as a second language? Whether you can carry on a conversation or can barely say "Hello",  you'll learn more at English Camp.  Join us for a week of games, adventures, and new friendships, all while learning a new language.

See you there!

Maybe you’ve been learning English in school. Or maybe you’ve never spoken a word of English in your life. Don’t worry-you’ll fit in regardless of your skill level! You’ll be grouped with other campers based on how much English you already know.

The camp staff is made up of volunteers from English-speaking countries around the world. They’re here to help teach you the language, to help you practice what you’ve learned, and to enjoy a week together!

If you think that all this learning sounds suspiciously like school, don’t worry: you won’t be spending much time in a chair! Each day, you, your fellow campers and your counselors will be engaging in games, activities, drama, and much more. There’s no better way to learn a language than to enjoy yourself in the process!